Several school districts around the country will not be broadcasting President Obama's address to them.  What are these parents and these school districts afraid of?  Truth?  Intelligence?  Insight? 

For many years the conservative elements in the U.S. have been telling people of color to "pull yourself up by your bootstraps."  That was a comfortable way of keeping these people in bondage.  No way could they succeed with Jim Crow laws, quiet bigotry, unfair courts, separate housing and schools, etc. 

Along comes a man of color, raised by a single parent, thus having two strikes against him, and he not only exceeds, he excels.  Awards and recognition come as he climbs the educational ladder.  With a very successful and distinguished education at top universities and law schools, Obama decided, not on the easy way for a career, but as a community organizer.  In this he showed aptitude, hard work, and an altruistic base.  He becomes the first person of color to be elected President of the United States.  How's that for being special?  Now what do the bigots do that wanted to limit him, prove his inferiority by placing immense hurdles in front of him?  Change their minds?  These kinds of minds resist change.

When it comes to the decision to change or to find proof so one may remain unchanged, conservatives will always set out trying to find proof.  And so they have set out on a course to disprove what has already been proven: Barack Obama is a man of great intelligence and insight, tempered with altruism.  Wow!   But bigotry finds like-minded people and when the people are not of like mind, power can be used to dupe them.  And conservatives certainly have the power and the money.

It amazes me that the same people who do not want President Obama to address their children would have thought nothing of Richard M. Nixon or George W. Bush doing so.  The moral and ethical comparison is so obvious that nobody should have to point it out.

What are the conservatives afraid of?  Is President Barack Obama such a boogie man to them that they fear his intelligence and insights?  Well, not only Boo! but boo-hoo.

I'm reminded of extreme right-winger, Adolf Hitler, smugly perched high up at Olympic stadium to watch his white athletes, who have been given nothing but the best to train, beat the "negrified" nations like the United States.  Jesse Owens forced Herr Hitler to leave the stadium. 

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