Competition and profit.

Health care.



It should be obvious to most thinking people that it is easier and much cheaper to make war than to keep people well. It's more honorable for government to conduct war than to maintain the health of the American people.


So let's keep engaging in wars as most empires have, until we are all worn out. Many of us have seen the destruction of war in other countries and what it has done to many of our men and women.


Although football and other sports extend our war-like natures, I'd prefer interest in sports than in war.


Competition and profit are the religious terms of those who believe mainly in profit and not real competition and this money religion is in opposition to government, government which to them is created by the devil and not the constitution, example, the crazies in Texas.


Most established industrial countries of the world can afford health care because they are not preparing for war nor engaged in war. For Americans, it seems war is cheaper and better than health care. Profit and competition are the sacred attributes of our society and let's not forget war as well.


Some of us are those lucky Americans who have a good health program and who believe in competition and profit, but we ask ,who will take care of those who are not able to compete and to make profit?

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