Understanding Shorewood as an economy and as a social community.

Suburban economies and communities.



My blogs over the years have made my views and inspirations for community known to the Village of Shorewood, perhaps they have been made more public than those of most citizens of our community, not meaning that I could assure that many of these ideas or even a few of them would be followed.


I've searched for the basic ingredients that would provide us with in-depth urges for community.


Neither those of us who have lived here the longest nor those who have been good neighbors nor tried to instill a strong sense of community have been able to describe let alone cultivate the appropriate cluster of community elements.


I've tried to determine as to why we have an absence of community culture and continue to do so.


I've generally concentrated on the functions of our Village government and its policies, making announcements as to where as I saw it that we were making correct or wrong decisions. That is what we usually referred to as politics.


I believe today, that my studies should focus more on Shorewood's community economy and its social structure in order to better understand our village culture, its collective tendencies and urges to better determine the type of policies Shorewood should develop in creating the community of our future.


I cannot criticize the forces at work with which I do not have familiarity. I can more easily remark on actions of government which are more visible and publicly ascertained.


I'm beginning my new venture into these basics by making a few comments.


Generally, economy has to do with production and exchange of goods.


It seems that we as a Village are not so engaged. Yet I should determine what we can describe as something related to forces that appear economic in function.


I expect to be more successful in discovering elements of community than in those that make up our economy.


I'm first going to look for those forces which seem community related and in the long run, those that may exist in formulating what we might refer to as economy related.


I should be guided in attaining certain levels of knowledge in these areas as to how it can serve us in the development of our community and its future.


I shall be reporting back from time to time. Research is not as public as commentary, but I'm sure to find aspects of community interest.


This does not mean however that I shall be refraining from making comments on other issues.

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