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Berkeley's, Silver Spring

Two days ago, I posted a blog entry asking questions about what Villagers thought about the 10 month old Berkeley's restaurant on Silver Spring, and why it was not thriving.

The question got many responses, public and through email. Wanting to do more good than harm, I've removed those responses.

I contacted Berkeley's owners and had a 45 minute discussion with them about all of the feedback. Turns out, they were days away from contacting me to request this very thing, commentary about what the residents liked and didn't like about their restaurant so they could improve.

Personally, I've been to Berkeley's a dozen times and can't complain, although I'm a relentless cheerleader for Silver Spring merchants.

But I want everyone to remember, that the owners, Marija and Ryan Whitman, are Whitefish Bay residents. She told me, "We wanted to create a place everyone loved. A place where the Whitefish Bay community could gather, as we live here too." That's something to be respected.

So to those who have submitted comments, please note your feedback has been heard and should be acted upon. As summer comes to a close, try Berkeley's again.

Here's a note from Marija:

Thank you so much for your candid feedback. When we created Berkeley’s it was our goal to become a place the Whitefish Bay Community valued and could proudly call its own, a place where friends could meet and families felt welcome.

If you are disappointed in any way, we want to know why and are open to and thankful for your feedback. Please know that we are not only owners of this Whitefish Bay restaurant, but are residents of Whitefish Bay ourselves. We love this community and want to add value to it by creating a neighborhood café for all to enjoy.

Please consider this an open invitation to share your thoughts with us. We want to know what the community desires, and hope to make the changes necessary to ensure we succeed in our goal; creating a warm, friendly and valued neighborhood establishment that thrives.

Please email your thoughts to Though we may not be able to respond to them all, please know your comments are appreciated and will be taken to heart. We very much look forward to your response.

Most Sincerely,

Marija Whitman
Owner, Berkeley’s Cafe & Whitefish Bay Resident

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