Facadism in Shorewood?

Business building improvements.



One area of architecture is referred to as “facade architecture”and it seems that we are getting a lot of “facadism”  ( facade-ism ) in Shorewood whether it is architecture or not.


One of the dictionary definitions is “window dressing,” which in this case may describe our situation here is some cases. What does facadism attempt to do? Is it streetscaping run up to and including the front of buildings, giving us a sort of newness?


As some of the money for doing this eventually comes from tax money, what is its main purpose? If this does add to the assessed value of the property, it would increase the rental costs as well.


It seems that rental costs, especially in these times are relatively high, discouraging further interest in businesses locating here in Shorewood.


Do we yet know the type of businesses that can be attracted to Shorewood if any. And will these businesses serve our needs? Have we attracted many new business to Shorewood lately?


Citizens should be altered to the dates of preliminary consultants' reports on this subject so that we can also be informed. Will these reports affect the window dressing mix, in the practice of facadism.


I think the facade at the Sherwin-Williams paint store is quite good. But I haven't noticed it much since it was first finished and although I buy paint there, I buy paint at other places too. I don't think that the facade encourages me to buy more paint there.


Maybe someone can update me on the purpose and effects of facadism.

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