Barry Gaffeagain goes Wee Wee All The Way Home

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The Democrats finally be scraping the bottom of the bay for the last few tricks they think they have been at in order to convince the American people that government takeover of health care is a good thing. They can't sell it on its merits-that's why people are against it. If the Democrats wanted to present what is in the bill, they would first have to read it. So of course, that's not  viable. So the Democrats are resorting to what they believe got them victory last November-calling the opposition bigots and racists.

President Obama came out with one of his sound bites saying that everyone is getting all wee wee'd up. You'll have to pardon me for expecting a better vocabulary coming out of a Harvard graduate and the president of the United States. Calling people wee wee'd is not cute, it's not funny, it's not professional and it's not presidential.

If you've taken the time to examine HR 3200 and taken the time to realize that this bill of government takeover of the health care system is going to further cripple the economy in an attempt to insure perhaps 5 million people who are uninsured by screwing up the health care system and the economy for 300 million people, the Democrats will call you a bigot and a racist. These labels immediately implicate the accused putting them on the defensive to disprove the charges rather than placing the burden of proof on the accuser. I guess it sounds too much like the Constitution.

The Democrats are going to roll out a new strategy to guilt American citizens into surrendering their freedom. It seems ironic that the Democrat party who wants to remove the Bible from every public library, take the word God out of the Pledge of Allegiance, grind in God we trust off of our coins, are now going to use the golden rule in an attempt to convince the citizens of this country that their taxes are too low and the national debt is irrelevant.

Although the Democrats are not fans of the town hall meetings that congressional members are conducting during the recess, they love it when someone steps up to the microphone and pleads for health care because their loved one has been dropped by their insurance company, cannot work, cannot feed themselves, and cannot receive assistance. They look for fast assistance from the Obama administration socialized medicine so they can get all the health care they need free of charge. Well, the loved ones who are bedridden that can only eat through a feeding tube will be sucking supper through a straw for 3 1/2 more years because Obama care will not begin until after the 2012 election just in case President Obama gets a second term. Then you can expect a pamplet and referral from the Hemlock Society even though taxes will be collected for this starting next year.

President Obama tells us we are our brother's keeper. Yet when it comes to his own brother, he is kept far out of the limelight halfway across the world living on about $10 a week. That doesn't sound very biblical to me. The Democrats will do anything to distract the media who are finally catching on to this bill is not in the best interest of America. It was supposed to have been passed before August 1 submit it can be regarded as law and were not able to do anything about it as worse economic news comes out about how high the deficits are and how large the national debt is going to be. The 10 year debt projection was understated by $2 trillion. How many trillions will the cost of government takeover of health care be under estimated by?

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