To those who want to focus the life of Edward Kennedy on one incident in his life for which he should forever have been ashamed, I ask you to simply notice the avalanche of accoldades coming from the conservative leaders, past and present.  Note what is being stated clearly by Nancy Reagan, by politicians of the right-wing with names like Hatch, Romney, etc.  And from more moderate Republicans like John McCain.  Note especially how Teddy was able to work with those across the aisle to pass over 300 bills that bear his name and are now law.  Note how he was able to work with President George W. Bush to pass educational legislation.

If some  right-wingers still insist in Ted Kennedy's recent death to overlook the favorable comments by their supposed right-wing brothers and sisters, it requires those from the left to work at subduing their comments about the tsunami of right-wing adulterers, immoral people, smarmy actions which are far more common among conservative politicians. 

It is a time to put that mud-slinging aside and celebrate the legislation of a noted Senator from Massachusetts.  Remember always how he fought for the poor, the forgotten, the underserved.  How he was able to reach across to conservatives to forge legislation that moved things forward.  It is impossible to overlook all the progress that took place in the political and public life of U.S. Senator Teddy Kennedy.

We could use more politicians who can deliver legislation through cooperation with those whose political perspective is different from their own.

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