Democrats Guarantee They Will Screw Up Heath Care

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Continuing to be on the subject of this cool summer is the health care reform that Congress is trying to force upon us in order to have the government take over that President Barack Obama wants. The opposition of the citizenry continues to grow as does the Democrats; ignorance to listen to their constituents.

Adding to the confusion is the unclear message that President Obama continues to send. His main mistake is leaving the details to Congress to write everything from scratch giving no leadership from the Oval Office. It took six months for the Obama family to decide on the puppy yet the American people are supposed to give complete overhaul to the health care system in six weeks.

President Obama continues to blame the Republicans for the stall of the spill kit it is the Democrats who cannot decide what is in the bill or what is not in the bill. The only thing that is clear is that no one has read it. Is the public option declined in popularity, decided that it would not be important enough to be mandatory in the final bill. After a tongue lashing from his boss (Nancy Pelosi), Obama concluded that he had not changed his rhetoric one bit. Obama says the status quo must change. Health care must be completely overhauled. However, if you like your own doctor you can keep them. With 80% of Americans satisfied with their health care plans, why are we changing everything for 5 to 15%? Are the uninsured a new voting bloc?

Obama has also changed what he calls the plan. First it was health care reform, then it was health insurance reform, what will it be next week? One of the key elements is to have citizens be able to continue their health insurance if they lose their job. Apparently there is some undertone here that needs to be examined. Is Obama's plan for unemployment to get substantially worse? That's what he's not telling us.

Obama is accusing others of using scare tactics. Here again, the Obama administration is telling us that if we do nothing, it will be worse. How is that not a scare tactic? Obama is also giving the impression that he does not care what is in a health care reform bill. Even when the so-called "death panels"was a hot subject, the Democrats denied it was ever in the bill. After three days of denial, they decided to remove it from the bill. How can you remove something that was never there? The Democrats don't want me to over think this. Or analyze it logically.

Also in the bill, (or is it? The Democrats have not read it) is the end of life counseling. Obama is insistent that Medicare is spending too much money. It is spending too much money on its customers; the elderly. Under the health care plan, HR 3200, there will be provisions for end of life counseling so that seniors can choose their own demise and save the taxpayer money. Isn't this dandy? Once you hit 65, you can now choose your own suicide date. If you get sick and the government does not choose to cure you, i.e. you did not make a donation to the Democratic Party, you can sign your life away. Literally. This will cut down on the Medicare costs and leave more fresh clean oxygen for the children. They will need it as the entire cost of this bill will be passed on to them. Along with the stimulus.

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