Here Comes the Rhetoric

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The debate over government takeover of our health care system is continuing. And that's good thing. The value in the level of tension that accompanies such discussions is debatable. Who's being honest? Who's being rude? Who's being un-American? These too are debatable.

Many of the accusations of myths, lies, and mob organization has been coming from the left. This is to distract you from the actual truth which is; if you want to look at who has been dishing out the most lies in this debate, look at the Democrats.

Here's a sample of some of the lies they are spreading: using the myth and truth format.

myth one: a new public plan will undercut by the insurance plans on price.

The Democrat lie: only inefficient insurance companies will go out of business and the good ones will continue to compete with the government.

The real truth: Congress has not made it legal for insurance companies to sell health insurance plans across state lines. If the federal government does, it can and will undercut insurance plans on price enticing companies and individuals to move to the government plan which is what the Democrats want. Government takeover of health care.

Myth two: a public plan care would be rationed.

But Democrat lie: no current proposals would rationed care.

The real truth: no, the plans make no provisions for rationing, yet they intend to put 50 million more people on an insurance plan with no increase in doctors. This will create rationing as a next reality, not as an intent. However, rationing will occur.

Myth three: a public plan would allow a bureaucrat to get between you and your doctor.

The Democrat lie: these decisions will be made by the insurance company.

The real truth: without a huge increase in doctors and nurses, the only job growth in this government takeover will be in the bureaucracies. If they are displacing the insurance companies, the decisions to deny care will be made by bureaucrats.

Myth four: the quality of health care will deteriorate under a public plan.

The Democrat lie: health care providers will be paid for quality not quantity.

The real truth: quality is subjective. How can a fact of not so quality be measured while reducing costs? If you want to see if the quality of health care has been reduced in countries with socialized health care, look at Canada and look at England. With all the attention put on the American system and how they want to become like these countries, the truth does sometimes come out from these countries and they are not happy with the way their health care is administered. The quality is reduced, the care is rationed, and the people who need the health care system are not happy with the level of service delivery.

Government takeover of health care is going to be a disaster if it passes. Congress is going to force poor health care coverage to everyone in America except those in Congress and the administration or the Supreme Court. Our only hope is that the Democrats in Congress will heed the message being sent to them during this August recess. I don't think they will because those Democrats in Congress are only looking out for themselves. This is another illustration of how America's best days are gone. Maybe this Time forever.

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