Doyle Gone; Can He Be Forgotten

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Governor Jim Doyle has announced that he will not run for a third term. My jubilance is short-lived because I'm still reminded of all of the things he has done over the past 6 1/2 years to screw up the state.

He is raised every fee and tax in the state with the possible exception of one; the sales tax. This increased spending at the state level of over 7% forcing local governments to raise property taxes to make up for the shortfall while the economy continues to contract. Thousands of jobs have left the state in recent years because of the poor tax climate created by the Doyle administration. Although he did convince one company to come to the state to set up shop bringing a whopping four jobs with them.

The state budget had its biggest deficit last year only to be eclipsed in two years because of the shortsightedness of the Doyle administration. The one-time stimulus money which Americans were convinced was going to be used for job creation was used as a one-time plug in the deficit. This means whoever is governor in two years is going to have a bigger deficit than the one that the taxpayers have just suffered through. Like President Obama, the governor will be able to blame the entire mess on the previous administration but it won't be much consolation.

In addition to making mockery of the state government, Doyle has defied the recent referendum on the definition of marriage in Wisconsin. The moral issue aside, giving efforts to same-sex couples will continue to be a budget breaker. Having a legal counsel who is not even a lawyer would be laughable if Jim Doyle did not have the credentials of being a lawyer and the state attorney general. It would be laughable but it's sad coming from someone who should have known better Ethics did not come with the territory.

In his final year and a half the Governor will try to build a train that will be another boondoggle to the taxpayer. Oh yes, it will bring 80 jobs to the state. Another couple thousand jobs coming to the state may put them at about even for 2009. But let's look on the bright side, are going to have a train that has no tracks and nowhere to go. So what are we supposed to do? Keep throwing more money at this train until it actually does something? By that time, taxes will be so high we won't have any money left for food. Or the children.

In 2011, we'll have a new governor. Whoever does can't be any worse than Jim Doyle. Can they? Will have to be careful because at the presidential level Americans thought we would not have a worse president than George W. Bush.

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