Mayor Tom Barrett: Speedy Recovery, Old Friend

Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee, is a decent man.  He is a good family man.  He is an honest man.  Tom Barrett loves the city he serves.

Over this past weekend, while leaving the Wisconsin State Fair with family and friends, he confronted a man threatening a grandmother and her one-year-old grandchild.  The man beat Mayor Barrett with a metal pipe.  The Mayor was seriously injured and hospitalized.

Acting as a responsible citizen is typical of Tom.  Protecting a grandmother and grandchild is typical of Tom. 

Some years ago, I met with U.S. Congressman Adam Wheat in Kansas City about serving on his staff.  This led me indirectly to meet then Congressman Tom Barrett.  Adam and Tom were two of the most honorable men serving in Washington and they admired each other.

Later, I worked in Washington myself, but not in the field of politics, but in the field of jazz music.  However I got to know plenty about the inside story of Washington.  Tom Barrett was a clean, honest Congressman.

Now Tom is a big city mayor, perhaps the toughest job in American politics.  Naturally I agree and I disagree with actions and proposals made my Mayor Barrett.  But my hope and wish for him now has nothing to do with politics.  I simply want to see a good man make a full recovery from this brutal attack.

.....and perhaps make a run for Wisconsin governor.  8=)

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