There Are Too Many Facts 'Out There'

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There's been a lot of attention lately steered towards the disruptions of the town hall meetings being conducted by members of Congress. Much of the focus has been on blaming the danger on Republicans and conservatives. Yet the media outlets will agree that the more that people find out about this health care reform bill, the less people like it.

After six months of shipping hugely costly ineffective bills through Congress and having the president proudly proclaim that we have done something, America is finally waking up. On days of good economic news, the Obama administration probably takes credit for the effectiveness of the stimulus bill. On days of poor economic news, the Obama administration shies away saying that only 8% of the bill has been paid out in there has not been enough time for it to work. Are we not supposed to recognize that these accomplishments have effectiveness based upon unrelated data? Apparently not.

In the town hall meetings, the constituents of the congresspeople who have been brave enough to hold them, have been getting riled up because they cannot believe that the congressperson has not read the bill or that they are stupid enough to be in favor of the bill even though the majority of Americans believe that what is being passed is not good for America. Scrapping the entire health care system and starting over is just plain stupid. Look at how well the government has been running the cash for clunkers program. Car buyers are inches to get their hands on qualifying vehicle yet the government administration has been so slow in reimbursing the dealerships that many are going to withdraw from the program. How can anyone who has seen it enough to know what a of the week it is, have any level of confidence that the government is going to run the health insurance process?

People across America are appalled at the fact that they are being represented in Congress by someone who is not read the bill they are in favor of passing and passing the cost on to the American people. Yet the Democrats claim that these are angry mobs being financed by the insurance companies.

Were we supposed to pass this bill by the August recess? It clearly would've been a disaster for America. How are we supposed to sit back and allow disastrous bill after disastrous bill be passed right this socialist administration? Most people have access to the technology that would bring them access to the bill for them to read. Yes, it is over 1000 pages, but the parts that people bring up such as end-of-life counseling, not being able to get private insurance after the bill is in force, and others are there. The news channels are covering what is in the bill and people's reaction to it. Not everyone is lying. Not everyone is looking at at all Angels, but the facts are there. It's just too bad that the facts are not accompanied by common sense.

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