With the obvious need for health care facing us, why would people lie to prevent it?  Under the current, heavily flawed system, it will bankrupt the U.S., and with poorer results than in nations with universal health care.  We spend much, much more than the industrialized nations who have better health care outcomes.  How and why would people lie, cheat, give out misinformation, connive, scheme, distort, scare, shout, confuse, and use all sorts of thuggery to prevent health care reform from happening?

Right-wing groups have said that the AARP opposes health care reform.  That is blatantly a lie.  The AARP is spending money in the media  to promote health care reform and criticize those who use lies and scare tactics to prevent reform from happening.  Is it just the highly-paid lobbying of the insurance companies?  That accounts for some of it.  But it is somewhat understandable inasmuch as these insurance companies have been bilking the public and playing a shell game with coverage to garner immense profits.  But there is more to this story of disception.

Political groups from the right-wing are fomenting hatred and lies to prevent reform from happening.  What is their agenda?  Why would they do whatever they can to damage the U.S. and its citizenry?  Let's be clear, this is not simply coming from Republicans.  It is coming from an extreme right-wing group that feels more comfortable in the Republican camp but do not in any way represent the higher and nobler standards of traditional conservatives.  Who are these people?  They fall generally into several groupings.

You have the bigots, the outright demonic people who cannot stand it that an African American now occupies the White House.  Should we take them seriously even though they represent a lunatic fringe?  Absolutely!  Compare it to the hatred of the Jews that was fostered by the Nazi element in Germany.  They were seen as a lunatic fringe, until they shouted down and disrupted all democratic debate and strong-armed their way to overthrowing the Weimar Republic.  It is noteworthy that these current right-wingers indulge in calling Obama a Nazi.  Wow, do they have their Nazi-Communism diagram distorted!

Then you have an element with a psychological problem.  They latch onto movements that offer them a semblence of importance.  Often their own lives are in disarray, perhaps economically, perhaps they are social outcasts, parental abuse when they were children,  perhaps they experienced a marriage debacle, etc.  Think of serial killers, Timothy McVeigh, James Jones, etc.  They take a movement that expresses some discontent and they distort it, exaggerate it, see shadows everywhere, bring in religion often, follow messiahs, want a vehicle to express their distorted place in society, ad infinitum.

Then there are people who see themselves vulnerable.  The sick, the elderly, etc.  They can be easily  manipulated to express their fears when change is considered.  Fear rules their lives.

Then there are those who benefit from the current unfair system.  Drug companies, huge hospital conglomerates and health care systems, insurance companies, some physicians, some university research professors, etc.

And then there are the more mainstream Republicans and some Democrats.  All the shouting scares them, and they are in fear that they will lose the next election if they don't fight health care reform.  They are looking for a patchwork system that will be seen as "acceptable" by the above loud groupings.  And many of these politicians are being bought by lobbying groups representing the profit-driven health care industry. 

Then there are those who are simply confused and overwhelmed by what they hear and see.  It is no wonder that they are confused.  Listen to Rush Limbaugh and the scare tactics of the right-wing broadcasters.  They scare me also, but for a different reason.

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