Elderly friendships.



Friends are the extensions of life. These relationships are more meaningful in later years when there is nothing to be expected of one another and when what is said is never to deny the other his rightful glory, the glory of having lived and of the appreciation of having shared moments of that life together.


Today's world tends to spread people apart as they disappear in spirit and location and regardless of the contacts made possible through modern technology, sharing thoughts about present events as well as of those of the past brings a certain spirit into the life of elders.   There's the grasping of hands and touching on the shoulder and the making of small verbal gifts by way of compliments.


I've for a number of years sought the establishment of a coffee shop for the elderly of the community of Shorewood, where folks can come at anytime and sit down and have a beverage and talk to the other, to a passing acquaintance or to a more established friend. One could even meet new friends and stimulate each other's minds and bring fresh spirit into these days of review.


The wear of age can become the spirit of the consciousness of life, life both at the present and with a sense of future. Humanity gained rather than life with a sense of loss and perhaps without purpose.

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