Use any search engine to find tons of undemocratic material posted by the right-wing, the neocon thugs.  [see below for a suggestion]  They tell you how to stop any health care reform.  They suggest that you go to town hall meetings of U.S. Senators and Congresspersons, disperse in the crowd to make you look like a bigger group, and then begin shouting as soon as the town hall opens for questions.  And keep shouting and shout louder and be more aggressive and threatening to the leader of the town hall.  This is the "democracy" of the right wing in America.  It is exactly how the Nazis came to power in Germany.  They turned democratic gatherings into melees and disruptive fights.  There is no room for the opinions of others.  There is no room for democracy for the right-wing, period.

"When you have no basis for an argument, abuse the plaintiff." -Marcus Cicero

"Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; argument an exchange of ignorance." -Robert Quillen

To put the record straight concerning health care reform, none of the current plans being considered in the House and Senate threaten your current health care.  If you want to keep it, keep it.

Nobody is proposing socialism.  Nobody is proposing rationing out health care.  Nobody is proposing you must use euthanasia.  Nobody is proposing raising the cost of your health care.  Nobody is proposing that Medicare benefits will be lessened.  Nobody is proposing a universal health care program only.  Nobody is proposing that you cannot choose your doctor.  Nobody is proposing to drive insurance companies out of business.

Is the federal government good at administering national programs?  You bet it is!  And with very low overhead.  Medicare and Social Security enjoy widespread comfort with their handling of their recipients..  But nobody is proposing that health care specifics be foisted on you.

The Obama proposals will lower health care costs, and the drug companies and others in the health care field have agreed with him and cooperated.  Not only will costs be lowered, as they are in scores of  industrialized nations with similar plans, the outcomes will be far better, as they are in scores of other industrialized nations.  Currently, the U.S. health care program is akin to a Third World outcome.   But if you like what you have, you will not be forced to change!!!  And the almost 50 million uninsured Americans currently, will finally be brought out of prehistoric times and into the 21st century.

So, no longer will we have astronomical costs compared to France, Germany, etc., but we will be moving toward joining other industrialized nations with outcomes.  Currently we rank near the bottom among industrialized nations ...and it costs us double or triple what they spend on health care!

"Financial ruin from medical bills is almost exclusively an American disease." -Roul Turley

[Simply type in at any search engine: Health care reform scares.....you will find tons of material pointing to the right-wing mob and thug tactics that are criticized by the AARP, Washington Monthly, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and many, many other periodicals and commentaries]

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