Obama to Seniors: Drop Dead!

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President Barrack Obama is leading the Democrats in Congress and asking them to pass a bill which will create government takeover of health care and health insurance. He is doing this to save cost and reduce deficits-so he says. Anyone who has any knowledge on these subjects clearly knows that this is a bald-faced lie. It's going to cause higher deficits in the future. The deficits are going to be higher than, well, now. And this year's deficit in his quadruple what it was for the previous deficit. Even higher than the Bush administration.

Government takeover is also going to mean rationing for the regular citizens. That means anyone who is not in Congress or the executive branch. If America's health care system is so bad, why doesn't Ted Kennedy go to Canada? Why doesn't Chris Dodd go to Canada? Those hypocrites are going to seek medical care here in the United States where they know it is the best healthcare in the world but want you as a citizen to think otherwise.

In President Obama's famous press conference, he stated that he wants to do what he can to control costs. To illustrate this, he says that the most expensive year for medical costs in a persons life is their last year. Obama himself did not come up with this statistic, so it's okay to believe it. But here's where the savings comes in; the United States government which will have taken over the healthcare distribution and insurance for the economy will save money by having ill seniors die one year earlier. Multiplied this out by the number of seniors in the country, and they will have a budget surplus. As a recent convert to liberalism, this makes perfect sense to me. It was easily illustrated by someone who told me that the oldest man in the world had recently died. Now the world no longer has the world's oldest man.

The Government after taking over healthcare, will set up a cost structure denying seniors things like hip replacements, pacemakers, transplants, and so forth after a certain age. According to Obama, things like these do not save lives, they only prolong them. So like Obama, when seniors hit a certain age, or a certain health point, we should put them to sleep like we do our pets. Sure, we feel sad, but we also did the humane thing. Plus there are plenty more in the pound. I mean retirement communities.

Yes, the evil insurance companies must not have enough smarts to recognize that people need to be put to sleep and not given medical treatment. Doctor Kevorkian acted alone. But he can now be a role model for the geriatric Center of Obama care. Perhaps the children can consider a profession in the medical field euthanizing sick senior citizens. As the baby boomers retire, and generation X. and generation Y. get older, this will be a growing field. The future sure looks bright.

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