SILVER SPRING STRIKES OIL ...... and vinegar.

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The Plan Commission's August 18th meeting schedule was posted and they will be considering "Oro di Olivia" for a permit to move in to 338 E. Silver Spring, which is right next to Berkeley's in the former "Creme" spot.

A google search yields ODO's website:

Apparently .. they sell .. Oils and Vinegars. They list a 'Tosa store, which means they are branching out or moving to new digs.

If Silver Spring gets a "Salad" store, we'll be all set.

UPDATE: The agenda lists two items .. ODO is to go into 338 Silver Spring, and the Fox-Bay Condo Sales to go to 318. But right now, the Fox-Bay office is at 338. So either the agenda is wrong or the Fox-Bay office is moving from 338 to 318.


In this week's mail, the WFB School District sent out an annual "Executive Summary" for the 2009-10 budget.

Previously, I had caught some flack for the seemingly innocuous idea that because the State of Wisconsin was dropping WFB's State Aid by $1.27m, our property taxes would go up.

I can't seem to get the numbers reported in the newspaper to jibe with the "Executive Summary" .. but the result given in the official mailing is that our Tax Levy increase will be 5.61% if adopted by the School Board.

Again, with some quick math and a guess on a $350k house, the bill will be going up about $160 when you get your statement in December, which is half of my original guess.


Lastly.. the final "Ice Cream Social" will be held this Sunday afternoon at 2:30pm, hosted by the WFB Civic Foundation with entertainment by the WFB Community Band at School House Park in front of the Library.

If you haven't been to one of these .. it has a simple premise: FREE ICE CREAM with your neighbors and fellow villagers, while listening to the Band.

Click here to visit the Civic Foundation website for more details.

Seriously, how great is that? Classic Whitefish Bay.

(And an obligatory plug. The WFB Civic Foundation is funded entirely by YOUR donations .. consider a donation your WFB Party Tax. Click here to help out!)

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