CRG Recall Advocate Gets Dose of Own Medicine

Political Smears, Senator, Smoking

Puff away.

That's what <strong>CRG</strong> recall advocate <strong>Bill Savage</strong> wants the public to be able to continue to do in bars.  Savage is bent out of shape that State Senator Jim Sullivan supported Governor <strong>Jim Doyle</strong>'s proposal which will make all bars smoke free by 2010.  For years, non-smokers have complained that they were unable to go out to local taverns without having to breathe second hand smoke from cigarettes.  They contended, and medical science backed them up, that second hand smoke contributes toward respiratory problems and can even cause restriction of veins and arteries.

Savage was so upset with Sullivan that he organized a recall attempt against Sullivan.  Anyone who looked at Sullivan's record already knew he was in favor of smoking bans.  Having authored the smoking ban while serving as an Alderman in the City of Wauwatosa, Sullivan wasn't afraid to let it be known what he stood for.  Sullivan then went on to successfully run for the State Senate seat in what is clearly now a sore spot for Savage.

Well it looks like Savage has become the victim of his own pro-smoking advocacy.

He recently suffered a heart attack and had a quadruple bypass done; all by the way, at taxpayer expense.  You see Savage is a member of Republican Representative <strong>John Pridemore</strong>'s staff. 

Savage and other anti-Sullivan bellyachers have been claiming that the recall attempt is non-partisan.  Well it turns out, that's not the case.

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