Lefties: Waiting to Implode

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The progressives and liberals in Congress don't seem to get it. As they continue to try to shove unwanted legislation on the proverbial throat of America, they are turning a blind eye to the growing opposition. When the lefties oppose policies, ideas, and the people who are less radical than they are, they call it grass-roots protesting. When the citizens of the United States protest the liberal socialist agenda, they are called a manufactured mob.

As Congress takes a recess and goes back to their respective districts for town halls, listening sessions, et. al, they are being met with increasing opposition by their constituents with increasing tempers, yet they still have their heads up their butts and believe that the vast majority of Americans are yearning for government takeover of health care.

For over six months now, Congress and President Obama have passed major legislation in thousand page bills that no one has read. Each piece of legislation continues to take money from people who earned it and redistribute it to people who did not. On top of that, they have quadrupled the deficit, destroyed investor confidence, expanded government, and tried to convince the American people that prosperity is on its way.

The liberals in Congress seem determined to pass some type of health care legislation and call it reform. They have become delusional thinking that they are doing the work that the American people want them to do -- create a government takeover of health care. As happened in 1994, as Americans find out more about how the government is planning to do this, the less appealing it looks. If reform is needed, we are not getting the kind of reform that we want. It is not going to benefit Americans.

For two years, Congress has been counting 47 million Americans that do not have health insurance. And they continue to say that 70,000 Americans lose their health coverage every month. Yet the total does not go up. If people are paying attention, this would mean that some people who are wanting health coverage are getting it. Now the Obama administration wants us to believe that everyone can be covered by health insurance, the service will be better, the coverage will not be exclusionary for anything, and it will be more efficient. Oh, and the best part is-it will not cost anything. It will be deficit neutral. The CBO analysis is wrong according to Obama because they believe it will cost $1 trillion.

Obama is still going around saying that he is not going to increase taxes on the middle class. Although now we know, like Jim Doyle speak, we have to qualify that by meeting only income taxes. His advisors and cabinet members are going around practically admitting that taxes are going to go up substantially. Obama says they're not. So what does this mean? Is he counting on this helps reform being passed and then moving on to Cap and Trade first huge tax increases for federal revenue? Huge tax increases are going to be needed by the Democrats the way that they have spent money. Spending goes up, deficits go up, taxes go way up. Is this the change we voted for?

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