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It was only a couple of short weeks ago in which the people of America were asking, "where are the jobs that the stimulus package was supposed to create? Where is the recovery that it was supposed to produce?" The response from the Obama administration was that it's still too early to look for results because only 8 to 12% of the money allocated towards the recovery act had been paid out.

After one week of a strong gain in the Dow Jones industrial average, President Barack Obama came out on Friday and said that the weaker than expected decline in GDP was completely attributable to the recovery act. Well, we knew this was coming. Going back to that economics 101 class that we had, Americans understood that recessions will come and go. The anti-capitalists in the government today would like to reduce the business cycles by converting the United States to a communist country, but until they complete that, we may be fortunate enough to have capitalism around for another six months.

This was the whole plan in passing the stimulus bill that will not stimulate the economy, will not create jobs, but is simply the left wing agenda being forced upon all of America, financed by future generations. A bad recession would last only 24 months. The Obama administration understands this, so they decided to stagger much of the spending over the next two years when the economy will have recovered, pending and has not been stifled by the huge tax increases now being planned by the administration.

With the money coming out over the next two years, the Obama administration will be looking like Santa Claus to everyone. This is to help the midterm election and Obama's reelection in 2012. The only thing is, they did not plan on health care having the growing opposition at it now seems to have.

Let's look at the example of cash for clunkers. Of the $787 billion that is allocated for stimulus, this $1 billion program is one that they are touting as a huge success. It started late, it had a huge administrative costs, and it ran out of money in four days. What is going to happen with healthcare? We need only look to VP Joe Biden for the answer -- everybody guessed wrong.

When it comes to our health care, we cannot afford to get it wrong. Yet if we look at how the Obama administration has rolled out all of its programs in the past six months, all of them were just wrong. With Obama's popularity slipping in the polls, the lefties are now looking to focus their attention on people who are asking about the birth certificate of Barack Obama. It makes conservatives look trivial, yet it's the lefties who want to keep this alive so that they don't focus on the failures of the presidency and how large the failures have been in such a short period of time. The lefties are still cracking jokes about Sarah Palin. Yet it's nice to see that they have moved on after years of bellyaching about hanging chads. 

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