War is cheaper than health care, so we'll have two and later perhaps one with Iran and Pakistan as well and maybe with North Korea too.


Europeans have developed a disdain for war for the moment and are buying the expensive health care stuff.


Americans have the best health care system in the world. That's why it costs so much. And that's why countries all over the world are clamoring to copy us. Those who can afford it, especially Canadians are rushing over the border to get some of our good health care.


What does the best health care system mean? Those who can afford the best always get the best. Michael Jackson could afford his own doctor. And Jackson got the best. It was so good it killed him.


The Veterans Administration provides health care for returned soldiers. This government operated system is part of that best health care in the world. But it's exclusive as well as expensive.


If war is cheaper, why is it, that veterans get this exclusive and expensive health care? Is that cost included in the price of war?


Socialized medicine is bad. Socialized war is good. The socialization of Wall Street during bad times is good but when times get good, then let's let it loose until next time.


General Motors was too big to fail, so making it smaller required government expertise. Big financial institutions that are too big can however remain too big. We have plenty of money for them.


Longevity is good but it costs too much. Perhaps our health care system is too good. It would be cheaper if people didn't live so long. But they live longer in France under socialized medicine.


This is some of the modern logic that we must learn to cope with. But we really don't have to be logical. Nothing ever is.

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