Beer Diplomacy

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Is there anything beer can't do? To quote Homer Simpson, "they look good, they smell good, you'd step over your own mother to get to one." Beer makes music sound better. It makes some guys funnier, it makes some women prettier. Now it's being asked to solve presidential problems. I think it's up to the task.

Anyone who's gone to college knows the redeeming social value of beer. It made friends between geeks and athletes. It gave us courage to talk to girls. It kept us from making stupid decisions like scheduling eight o'clock classes. You possibly could not learn anything that early in the morning looking out of one bloodshot eye.

After President Obama turned a local civic matter into a polarizing national event, he now thinks that getting everyone together, sitting at a picnic table, and cracking open a few Budweiser's can and will create a post-racial America. If it were only that easy. How many beers do they have on hand?

Apparently Obama is back to believing that he is the anointed one and can lay his hands on the sinners in America and say, "sin no more." That should take care of it and we can go back to socializing America, raising taxes, having government takeover of health care, and even tax Americans to death through Cap and trade.

In last year's campaign, candidate Obama wanted to sit down with leaders of hostile nations, such as Iran, without preconditions and negotiate national policy. He must've been thinking that beer should be involved in this too. After a few cold ones, everyone will forget why they hate America. After bending a few elbows, he may even forget to blame George Bush for all the country's problems.

Yes, if it were only that simple. In Milwaukee, there must be over 500,000 people who think that settling differences over beer is a good idea. Look at how we promote beer for events like Summerfest, state fair, Packer games, Brewers games, the list goes on. Milwaukee is still referred to as brew city even though no major breweries are headquartered here anymore. People used to break that there was a bar on every corner. Yes, beer can be a part of some good times. However, we have to remember our responsibility. And our responsibility to others -- like driving home.

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