Barry Gaffeagain: No Need for Facts

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In last week's press conference, President Barack Obama was looking for a game changer in order to pass his plan for government takeover of health care system. He did not get it.

He started out with his usual reading from the Jumbotron with a girl statement refuting most of his negatives as reported to him by the polls and Robert Gibbs. As usual, he blamed George Bush and the Republicans for his falling approval numbers. It's like he's in complete denial that members of his own party are finally wising up enough to take a look at the types of programs being shoved down America's throat.

After the President's garbled opening statement, he went on to take 11 questions by going down his predetermined list of taking the softball and lefty questions first. The President went on to ramble through a bunch of uninteresting questions with long-winded answers that were reminiscent of the Democratic debates from a year ago. Only this time, there was not a moderator to stop the rambling and tell them to quickly make a point.

The President told Americans how dishonest the physicians are. In his opinion. They choose all treatments based on thievery and burst in according to the president. Patients are customers. Doctors are crooks. The insurance companies are just assumed to be dishonest also. After all, how many times has Obama rearranged it that he wants a government option to "keep them honest". This sounds like a complete distrust of the system he wants the American people to confidently turn over to the government. Controlling costs will mean rationing-only the Democrats don't want to tell you that. And of life care means putting people to sleep my age 80 at the latest. No more living to 100-not after this year.

Then came the question 11. Yes, Barry Gaffeagain stepped right in. He began by saying that he did not have all the facts. Yet he opined an opinion. I wonder why he did not come to the defense of government workers? His quasi-prepared statement went on to falsely accuse a weight placement of racial profiling. However, if Henry Gates is so smart, so well-educated, why did all those stupid remarks fall out of his mouth? On Friday, Barack Obama couldn't even muster up an apology. He had so much practice apologizing for America on his recent tours of Europe. He had to re-calibrate his words? Sounds to me like he wanted to see the same thing only without using the word 'stupidly.'

This is being labeled as a race problem. However, I think it goes more to people having poor communication skills and no consideration for others. Gates thought he was better than everybody, but he turns out to be the first person in this situation who acted stupidly. And now a beer is supposed to fix it all.

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