The Results are Coming In

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President Barack Obama has been in office for about six months. The citizens of the United States are now better equipped to solidly answer the question, "are we better off than we were a year ago?"

The Liberals have been blaming the Bush administration for all the ills in the country today. In their opinions, the entire year George Bush presidency has been a complete failure. The entire eight years. And so, playing with those rules, let's see where we are in terms of the Obama presidency.

Obama has been on a big push to get his health care reform passed by August. Something this significant, this important, can not and should not be rushed. What's the hurry? It is as if Obama himself knows that this is his last stand. After August, his efficacy will be greatly reduced. What does he expect to do for the next three and half years? Will he be mailing it in? Is this a Bush continuum?

After pushing through the stimulus bill in February, Americans are still looking for the results. We're looking for positive results and we're not seeing any. Why was his liberal agenda meant to spend money and a year and a half people want and need help now? Obama is urging patience. I'm sure the people who have lost jobs in the past six months will find solace in the emptiness of his empathy.

Obama campaigned repeating that we were in the worst economic time since the Great Depression. However, when his economic team went looking for a solution for this worst crisis, they came up short. They came up way short. Unemployment is much higher, the GDP has contracted a lot faster and corporate America lost its confidence in the financial system.

People's investments in stocks have declined by about 40%. Individual retirement accounts have lost value in about the same proportion. If America's business climate does not return to a job creating semblance where people can expect investments to grow, it will put an added burden on government dependence for people were looking to retire or seek medical care. Or is this what the Liberals are looking to do?

Finally, people may be waking up to the notion that broad government expansions cannot occur quickly in the absence of details and added tax burdens. Sticking it to the rich will not work very long. Soon the middle class will be daring to run of these tax increases. President Obama says it's not political-that this change is about helping the poor and working families. Well, Americans are not so gullible anymore. We've been bamboozled too many times by too many programs too fast in the past six months.

Government has expanded at a rate unseen in world history. The only job saved were government jobs. The only growth is in public expenditures. And we cannot forget the growth of the federal deficit. Quadrupling the federal debt is not an accomplishment that Americans can be proud of. It's time to turn the corner and get the country headed in the right direction. We cannot wait 3 1/2 more years.

Even the members of the president's political party are finally mustering enough intelligence and encourage to step back and ask the questions of what is really going on. Change for change's sake is not always the best direction to go. Americans do not fear change, we know that change is always going to come. The time has come to again look for change for the better. If we continue change for change's sake, and only for the sake of change, we will ensure that America's best days are behind her.

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