Space versus Nothing There

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At the time we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of man's first walk on the moon, we are virtually shelving space exploration program in America.

From the dawn of man, we have looked to the sky with wonder about this on celestial bodies that are there and how the earth works in relationship with all of them. Is there anyone out there? Will we fly to another planet? Will return to the moon?

I doubt will ever return to the moon. After six trips there, the Apollo astronauts concluded that there is nothing there. We will not colonize the moon. There is no air, there is no water, there is no MTV. We also are not going to Mars. Even if we had the money, we have the technology but we are not willing to take the risks involved in order to attempt to fly someone to Mars. The NASA program and their public relations will not be able to convince the general public in America that it could cost American lives to go to Mars and back. America will not pay that price.

The bleeding heart liberal attitude toward space exploration as the question why would we spend money on trying to find out what is on other planets when we have poor people and unemployed people and people with less than adequate health insurance? This man made manacle is going to keep us from finding out where we are coming from and where we are going.

Even the schoolchildren will be cheated by this government and posed limitation. Space exploration should continue even if it is at the expense of expanding social programs. Space exploration has to be funded by government because it is something that the private sector cannot supply. Although this would be a better use of money than a second stimulus program. Like the old adage goes, there is no education in the second kick of a mule. There will be no benefit from a second stimulus program especially if it is more of the same; the liberal agenda. There will be no education as a result of ending the space exploration.

What is in outer space? We will never find out if we do not keep looking for the answer. We will never find out if we wait to solve all the problems we have here on earth. We will never find out because we built not take the actions necessary to help most people solve their own problems. It is too painful for the bleeding heart liberals. If the price will be paid by those who will still look to the sky and wonder, is there anyone else out there?

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