The Purveyor of Hope Says Things Will Only Get Worse

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What is President Obama thinking? He spent most of last year telling us how bad the economy is. We believed him. He convinced 52% of the electorate that he could fix it. We believed him. Earlier this year, he wanted the citizens and Congress to draft a stimulus bill that would quadruple the national deficit. He told us it was needed. We believed him. Obama said that if it was passed, the economy would begin to recover and unemployment would not rise above 8%. We believed him.

Now we are expected to listen to the old rhetoric, "we must act now, we must act quickly" to pass health care reform for the sheer political victory of the Obama administration. Nothing could be worse for America. As is the case with all of Obama's initiatives, he wants them acted on quickly and made into law before people find out what they are really doing -- ruining America as we know it.

The stimulus bill did not work. It was touted as a job creator. Where are the jobs? Nowhere, that's where. The stimulus bill was not a jobs bill. It was the liberal agenda for all the projects that any Democrat wanted. People should not have to wonder why it failed. It was government expansion. If they want to look to the private sector to create jobs. How are they supposed to create jobs in all the money is being sent for government expansion and more regulations such as this healthcare initiative are being imposed on businesses.

The stimulus bill was supposed to be spent over the next upcoming two years. That way, the economy which would recover on its own would then be spending this extra trillion dollars in the Obama administration can all say, "Look! The stimulus worked!" The Obama administration is counting on people not noticing the transparency of this ineffectiveness. The administration is touting that what has been spent has prevented unemployment from being 15% or worse. Americans are expected to believe this unprovable point and yet discount when the Bush administration said that we are safer because no terrorist attacks had occurred in the United States since September 1, 2001. How do you measure things that did not happen? Apparently you can if you're a Democrat.

The Obama administration is secretly acknowledging that it is losing its steam. Like Clinton, health care reform is supposed to begin in 2013, which is after the next election when they would probably proclaim that they made a difference in the way health care is handled in America. That way, even if he is a lame duck, the health-care reform will be in place and will take a long time to get repealed. By then we may be used to it.

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