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Last week the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article that took issue with Gov. Jim Doyle on the business climate in Wisconsin. After years of getting used to the editorial board endorsing everything democratic, everything liberal, and it took me a surprise that they would be dissenting against their beloved Gov.

Jim Doyle has also begun running advertisements touting what good health care is available here in Wisconsin. His actions have taken a good direction in saving and preserving the health of all the children here in the state. The commercial even admits that this is been done at a time when most governments are cutting back on their budgets. Well, that's quite telling.

Like Democrats want to do at the national level, Gov. Doyle has expanded the availability of health care coverage to the point where almost one in five citizens is now seeking coverage through a government plan and has even given the option of people with private health insurance to quit their present plan and sign up for badger care. It saves them money.

This idea is contrary to the liberal belief that people should pay their own fair share even if it means higher taxes for everyone. People are acting out of their own self interest and then eschew fiscal conservatives for not wanting to empty their pockets to expand social programs in the name of helping children. What happened to that adoptive liberal philosophy of only taking according to need it giving to your ability? Sounds quite democratic to me.

But the bigger picture is that Wisconsin continues to lose jobs. As taxes rise, as mandates are imposed, the small businessperson is still supposed to stay in business. Liberals want them to offer mandated sick pay and the Cadillac of health plans less they pay penalties in taxes. When GM closed its plant in Janesville, the so-called leaders of the state did next to nothing. That did not provide the desired effect. Small efforts seldom do.

The same group that wants to control the citizens of the state to follow their agenda on global warming does nothing or works against what it is going to take the police state and the country out of recession. If we ever get back to prosperity, it will be in spite of what the government is doing to help. It will not be as results of government's actions.

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