Liberals believe this, Liberals believe that

Republican Tactics

It started out to be a pleasant enough evening.  Spending some time with a friend, a few drinks, a good game of cribbage -- all added up to a recipe for a relaxing time.

But to the lady blathering on behind me -- shut the hell up.  The guy that's with you wasn't staying there because he was sincerely interested in talking with you.  He wanted to get into your pants.  Take a breath.  Take several.  If you're at all interested in hooking up with that guy, the most tolerant of men, you really need to learn to relax.

And no, you're not an expert on what liberals think, believe in, or act in.  I am.  I'm a liberal.  We're not out to get you.  We're not looking to destroy this country.  We're not out to bankrupt the country.  We're not looking to turn this country over to terrorists.  We're not out to do this horrible thing, or that horrible thing.  We just believe in different things.

So put your cigarette out and shut your mouth for a second.  It feels better already doesn't it?  All of a sudden the world seems a better place.

You want to know who we are and what we believe in?  (Well I'm going to pretend that you care, if just for a minute.)

We are fiercely patriotic.  We want this country to succeed.  Economically, we want everyone to at least have a chance at being successful and to at least have a chance at the pursuit of happiness.  And yes, that means we oppose discrimination.  We support our republic and our republic form of government but we also know that shared community values, many that can be learned in high school civics classes, are of a benefit.

Oh and by the way, shut up.  Just for a while.  We would lay our lives down and fight for the rights that our Constitution and our Bill of Rights give us, but we tire of those who don't know us or understand us telling us that we don't love our country.

One of those rights is free speech.  So go ahead.  Rant away.  It's you're right.  Oh, and by the way, it's your right because liberals fought for you to have that right.

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