When Conservation Does Not Work

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When it comes to using energy, we have all been long taught not to waste. I'm not one of those climate change nuts that thinks that we're all going to boil in about 35 years, but I also am a believer in not wasting energy. If at least for one reason, it's also a waste of money to waste energy.


Starting in the 1970s, the United States had an energy crisis. Well, I think we got out of that one another one could be on its way. Especially if Cap and Trade passes. There might be enough nuts in the current Congress to impose a huge rate increase on us by passing this farce of a law.


While that is still in the future, it seems that We energies is going to punish electricity users for not wasting enough electricity. A 7% rate increase is being proposed because We energies does not have enough revenue because the amount of electricity they are selling is declining. This could be attributable to people conserving energy. It has been a cold summer so far, and we don't need a lot of air-conditioning -- yet. It could be attributable to large many factors such as General Motors who has shut down the Janesville plant as part of their restructuring. The jobs are lost and the electricity is not needed. But apparently We energies does not want to see a decline in revenue that other businesses are seeing or that households may be incurring. Does anyone else see something wrong here?


It is a shame that the utility company has been touting conservation because they have been too close to capacity is now raising their rates because people may finally be doing something that has been taught us since we were kids-using energy wisely. What's going to happen if we do have Cap and Trade? Electricity in Wisconsin is going to triple in cost. If the base cost is doubled, what will tripling be like?

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