A Second Stimulus?

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Newsflash: the stimulus did not work. What's the solution? How about more of the same? If it didn't work once, the second time will surely produce the desired result.

The Democrats are going to continue underestimating the stupidity of the American people. It's what's what and office. It's what got much of their liberal agenda passed. The Democrats just cannot get enough of how elitists they are and how stupid the rest of America is. It shows in their work.

In February, President Obama urged Americans to urge their congressperson to pass a stimulus bill. And against the will of the people who actually had some forethoughts about what this was actually going to do, it was passed. Now, after four months with no economic recovery, the Democrats are even wising up enough to see that the stimulus bill did not work. It did not put America back to work.

Most of the money that did get dispersed went to states to make up for the overspending that they did. Witness Wisconsin. The money is gone and jobs have not been created or saved. So now, a second stimulus bill is being bandied about. Does the government wanted to add another trillion dollars to the annual deficit for fiscal year 2009? Apparently it does.

VP Joe Biden has said that the administration underestimated the severity of the economic crisis. They called it the worst economic prices since the Great Depression. Would Americans have felt better if they had called it the greatest economic crisis ever? Was that the difference? They did not believe their own spin? It's what got them elected. Barack Obama continued to campaign while John McCain suspended his campaign to fix the economic crisis. Neither turned out to be a good idea.

So where will the shovel ready jobs becoming from? Are there enough shovels? Will there be more money available for tattoo removal? I'm sure there are plenty of tax-and-spend liberals who want to get inked. This will be occurring while the other taxpayers are getting [taken to the cleaners.]

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