The Unfairness of Universal Coverage

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Sure, it began as a good idea. Universal health care coverage for all Americans. Universal health care coverage for all Americans at a reasonable price area universal health care coverage for all Americans that had no out-of-pocket expenses, and everyone gets superior health care. The best intentions are not going to create the best result.

When Barack Obama was candidate Obama, he proposed health care coverage to all Americans at an affordable price which would be the same type of health care are best he got and the members of Congress also received. If universal health care coverage for all Americans is passed, do you think this will be part of the deal? I don't.

When Barack Obama held a town hall meeting that was televised like an infomercial on ABC, the first question asked was whether Brock Obama would want no expense spared if a member of his family needed health care or would he seek to control expenses. Well, we know the answer that he gave; he would want no expense spared for his family but if a member of your family was old and at the end of their lives, he would want expenses controlled, which meant pulling the plug.

This sham of a town hall meeting had the audience pre-screened, and the questions pre-screened. The only questions asked, would be questions in which there was already a canned answer prepared. The bottom line -- controlling expenses means putting the elderly to sleep. No longer would they be prolonging the life, because it will not save a life. I hope President Obama remembers this if he gets lung cancer because he is a smoker.

For someone who crowded that he would have the most transparent presidency, I guess we can see right through this type of double standard. The Democrats in power believe they are better than everyone else and you can darn well that that they are going to include a provision in this health care bill that is going to provide a better level of healthcare for members of Congress, the administration, and the liberal members of the Supreme Court. The remainder of Americans which the administration is now treating as serfs, will get rationed health care. They will get limited health care and in some of the cases early death. The next of kin for these people I'm sure will be glad to know that they saved taxpayer money by having an earlier funeral.

With over 1300 health care providers in the country, the Obama administration believes we need one more. This is the government option that is supposed to keep the others honest. Why would we believe an administration who is so wrong on the economy, wrong with General Motors, wrong on the environment, wrong on foreign-policy, guaranteed the unemployment rate to top out at 8%, but yet we are supposed to trust them to be honest with us with our health care. Sounds like another issue that the Obama presidency is going to be wrong on.

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