Senator Fiengold Hears Voices

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In a recent letter to the Milwaukee Journal, Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold wrote an op-ed piece regarding his stance on the climate change bill currently going through their United States Congress. In it, he goes on to say that he is listening to the voices of his constituency in Wisconsin. And as human nature allows, his ears are perking up when he hears a reinforcing opinion that matches his, and his tuning out many of the voices of the opposition which he does not want to hear and chooses not to listen to.

The issue of climate change is a complex one. It used to be called global warming is now being lumped together with a bunch of other issues and gets bandied about like a religion. There are questions that need to be answered, and answered scientifically. Number one: is the temperature of the earth actually increasing? Number two: if so, and of course this is always assumed to be in the affirmative whether there is scientific proof or not, is the increase caused by a man? Number three: using the same assumption number two, can it be reversed? Number four: should it be reversed? Number five: can this reversal he accomplished through energy policy? Number six: can this reversal be achieved in a short period of time? Number seven: will the impact of the policy be effective only if the United States acts alone? The list goes on.

If any of the questions can be answered by a yes, then it is assumed that the United States should take on a policy that is going to triple energy costs and drive more businesses out of business in the United States. This policy will be the biggest exporter of jobs in the history of world trade. Yet it is a feel-good measure being pushed upon us by a bunch of people who would answer yes to any of the above questions. Of course, answering yes to any of them is the equivalent of answering yes to all of them.

Politicians are being told to do anything. Is it doing anything will actually accomplish something. It's going to cost money, so doing anything is granted be very expensive to matter what is done. Can the United States afford to force such a onerous tax upon its citizens in these "bad economic times"? Apparently the economy is not bad enough to avoid taking on such policies.

Another question: Is there time and will the effort pay off to contact your Senators and urge them to use common sense and vote against this vague, binding, expensive bill that is going to triple the cost of using energy in Wisconsin. Another benefit of this bill is that the people who are getting their energy bills tripled and also paid to subsidize the growing number of poor people in this state who will not be able to afford the triple cost. This will include the growing number of unemployed people whose jobs will be displaced by the implementation of such around this policy. I urge Sen. Feingold to vote against this measure. I also urge Sen. Kohl to vote against this measure, however it's rare to see any backbone coming out of the voting record of Sen. Kohl. It's doubtful that will see it on this.

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