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Just a few notes from WFB's 4th of July festivities:

  • While I enjoyed walking in my first parade, I sure missed watching the parade with my family.
  • Anecdotally, one Trustee, a veteran of many WFB parades, thought the attendance was much higher this year.
  • I did not run out of candy. Apparently, 4,300 pieces of candy is exactly the right amount. Maybe even too much. I had a ton left when I was a couple blocks away from Klode, so I had to start tossing it out quicker. -- And, parents, please keep your kids off the street. There were some pockets where the kids were 10-15 feet off the curb and it gets pretty crazy.
  • The folks at the WFB Civic Foundation are awesome. They give up so much time in preparation and execution of Whitefish Bay's biggest party, it's not even funny.

    I had the honor of volunteering for a couple hours at the beer tent, but that paled in comparison to the dozens of hours that each of them put in to preparing for the parade, the food, drink, games, and fireworks, time spent away from their own families on the 4th of July.

    So, to Greg Ramirez, Dana Serrano, Ann Pasterski, Jay Kuehn, Crystal Luehne, Bob Kuesel, Paul Dryden, Lynn Short, Carol Cochran, Tracy Rothman, Amy Lukas, Doug Weber, Mike Bortolotti .. THANK YOU. You put on a hell of a show yesterday.

    (I hope I got everyone in that list.)

    Hey, here's a thought. Did you like the parade? The picnic and games and fireworks? All that stuff costs a ton of money. That's not your tax dollars at work, the Civic Foundation depends entirely on donations from fellow villagers and local sponsors.

    How about stepping up to the plate, and writing out a tax deductible donation to the WFB Civic Foundation while you are in the mood to support the 4th festivities, Ice Cream Socials, Sounds of Summer, Great Pumpkin display, etc.

    Seriously, I mean it. The CF is supported by just over a hundred donors, yet the events touch thousands on a day like today.

    Consider it your WFB party tax.


Mail to:

Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation

5300 N. Marlborough Drive

Whitefish Bay, WI 53217

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