The Failures of the Celebrity

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America often does not know what direction it wants to go. It needs leadership. It needs strong leadership to take it to a stronger tomorrow. Every four years we elect a president to take us in the direction in which the country needs to go. In 2008, we clearly missed the mark.

Barack Obama was elected as a celebrity politician. All the president said we have had relabeled leaders, leader of the free world. Well, I believe leadership is more situational than titular. A definition of leadership that I have recently heard goes as follows: a good leader would like his followers to think more of him. An excellent leader would like his followers to think more of themselves. Obama has proven himself to be more of the former than the latter.

Since taking office, President Obama has flitted from issue to issue with vagueness of detail and open endedness on measurement of achievement. Americans are again and again asked to buy a pig in a poke. In February, President Obama asked Americans to sign on to the stimulus bill. This did little more than quadruple the annual deficit. The United States government has bought General Motors, AIG, and interests in several large banks. We are not being asked to become more dependent on the government for our healthcare. We are being asked to allow the government to triple the cost of electricity. Actions like these will eliminate our hope for economic recovery. If the economy ever recovers it will be in spite of what is been done and not because of it.

President Obama has had an agenda more determined to undo what has been done in the last eight years and to look forward with a vision of a better America. Well, he has undone the last eight years. His economic recovery has wiped out all growth and interest of the last eight years. More people are dependent on the government for social programs than ever before. People have lost the can-do spirit and replaced it with their handout for a bailout.

America's best days are clearly behind her. America more than ever a stronger leadership to make it stronger economically and militarily. Our only hope is if the policies of the past six months can be replaced with solid policies that encourage achievement and a strong future. America has never been in such dire need for stronger leadership. Someone. Somewhere. Anywhere.

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