Will Hubbard Park Lodge Survive the New Shorewood Smoking Ban ---

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Shorewood's new Smoking Ban goes into effect tomorrow on July 1st .

As to the particular elements of the Smoking Ban --- no smoking in your office (place of employment), no smoking areas for employees, no smoking in lobbies, even restrictions on smoking outside building entrances............ it can, and has been argued, about whether the ban goes too far in the name of public health, and whether it is another "Big Brother" encroachment on Individual Rights ?

I think the ban has definitely crossed the line by "outlawing" smoking in Village parks (Estabrook is ok, it is a county park). 

I don't think anybody can make a case for a health hazard to the good citizens of Shorewood if someone decides to relax on a park bench to enjoy their cigarette, cigar or pipe !

I quit smoking cigarettes over twenty years ago --- but I still enjoy a good Cuban a couple times a month .  But now, I risk being busted by the SPD for poisoning the community !!!

Of all the restaurants and bars that are affected by the Smoking Ban , Hubbard Park Lodge may suffer the most.  At any other establishment in town, patrons can at least walk out the door and light up.

But if you are at Hubbard Park Lodge for any function, or perhaps their superb Sunday Brunch, you would need to leave the building and walk through the tunnel and through the parking lot and back out to the street to have a legal smoke.

Stepping outside the Lodge for that cigarette makes you liable to arrest for violating the Shorewood Ordinance.

Even pulling into the Hubbard parking lot, while puffing on your cigarette would be smoking in the park, and not allowed by law.

Has Big Brother gone too far in Shorewood ?

It is ironic that many states have now legalized "medical marijuana" and the Federal Government has stopped hassling them or enforcing Federal law over State law ---- If and when WI goes the Med Grass route, will that be covered by this smoking ban ?

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