2nd Blogversary

Village Spillage clicked off its second birthday last week. I wrote a 1-year recap last year, and figured I should do the same again.

Some highlights:

  • 115 articles, up from 81 the previous year.
  • Two elections, November, with extensive coverage of the State Assembly primary and April, with the WFB School Board and a Trustee race.
  • Heckers, Bella Donna, Creme, and Great Harvest Closed.
  • Berkeley's and What's Poppin' opened.
  • Trustee Brennan resigned in September (and died this month). Trustee Schmid and Cheng left the board, to be replaced by Trustee Foster, Miller, and myself.
  • My wife caught a bad guy.
  • Media coverage from the JS/NOW crawled to a halt.
  • Ice Rinks returned to WFB
  • WFB created a BID

The biggest story this year was the overdose of a WFB student and the community outcry from learning a drug house was in operation for far too long in our Village. Admittedly, the consequence of a story like that had a dramatic affect on traffic to the blog, as many in the Bay were seeking information and subsequently discovered Village Spillage.

My birthday wishes from last year:

  1. Silver Spring fills all the vacant properties with tenants that bring a new vibrancy to WFB -- Well, not quite. But we do have two new restaurants, which is huge.
  2. WFB completes the street-scaping plan for Silver Spring - Will be completed in 4 days!!
  3. Contested races for Village Trustee in April 2009 -- I was 1 for 2 on this.
  4. Whitefish Bay brings back Trick or Treating on the day the rest of the country does it: October 31st. YEAH! I got this one right! (For 2009 and 2010, at least.)

New birthday wishes:

  1. Gotta wish for more Silver Spring merchants again. With the streetscaping complete, a new BID and retail recruiter on the job, we need this wish to come true.
  2. More media coverage. I realize this won't come true.
  3. I have a number of wishes that I hope come true about WFB's governance, of which I am a part. I hope to learn how to execute the change I've written about over the last two years.

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