The Highest Tax Increase Ever

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One would think that after months of complaining, and being cynical about how this trustworthy a tax-and-spend liberals could be, that Congressional Democrats could not possibly do anything that would make me more disappointed in them. But they have.

The latest legislation to be bulldozed through Congress without details, no specifics, abetted by lies is to do good, feel-good legislation known as climate change. Formerly known as global warming, the name had to be changed because the science no longer backed up the propaganda. Also known as climate change caused by man, it is the latest economy wrecking bill being shoved on the American people by the Obama administration.

Passing in the House of Representatives albeit by a slim margin it followed party lines. This means my congressman voted intelligently while the other Democrats from Wisconsin in Congress all voted for this. What were they thinking? Were they thinking?

The climate change legislation is geared toward ending our dependence on fossil fuels and creating alternative fuels for clean burning energy. Well, that is the noblest of ideas, that is being achieved by the stupidest means. This creates a taxing structure in which businesses will now be taxed for energy usage. And everyone knows that costs incurred by businesses are always passed down to the end consumer. So who's going to pay for this? Businesses? Ultimately no.

Wisconsin generates the bulk of its electricity from coal fired plants. And with our long, long winters, we have to keep our homes and businesses. Just about all of this is done with fossil fuel. Either heating oil, natural gas, or electricity which comes from coal. This means that energy users, you and me, are going to be paying the bulk of this tax. Congress wants you to believe that this is going to cost about the same as a postage stamp per day. Not in Wisconsin. Fuel costs are going to triple. They have to in order to continue to subsidize the poor people who live in energy inefficient homes. What a great deal that becomes for the average user.

Wisconsin Democratic delegation in Congress who clearly are not thinking constituents. They are merely falling in line with Nancy Pelosi because they have no backbone. They are completely ignorant of the impact that this is going to have on the state he should be looking out for. The Congressional Democrats in Wisconsin are so stupid that they do not even know what they are doing to their constituency, let  alone their country.

If similar legislation becomes law, and of course it will be vague as everything else passed by the Obama administration, this will aid the state Democrats and completely destroying business climate in this state. Any citizens that will be left will be back on the revived welfare system. Everyone will be receiving welfare in the state. Businesses will be gone, jobs will be gone, and no one can afford to own and run their household. The state flags should all be taken down and burned. The state motto is no longer in effect. Forward.

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