Popular Singer and Child Molester Dies --- What's the Big Deal

Michael Jackson died unexpectedly yesterday, and that is about all you hear about on the TV and radio, and read in the papers.

He was musically talented, and a showman.

He mastered the same "moonwalk" moves that the Nicholas Brothers had performed more than 50 years before he re-introduced it as part of his act.

Very weird guy --- obviously had issues with all the facial surgery and behavior.

Liked to continually grab his crotch while performing --- but the mothers of little girls and boys obviously did not think there was anything wrong with that, as they sold out his performances and bought up his records.

It seems that Michael Jackson's biggest flaw was that he liked to sleep with little boys in his bed.  Allegedly, he paid millions to hush up child molestation charges and settle civil suits out of court.

Ok -- his music was good --- but in my mind, once his dark side with young boys came out --- I couldn't believe that people continued to support him buying his albums and selling out his concerts. 

Especially as his audience skewed so much to pre-teens --- just what were those mothers and fathers thinking in financing him through their kids --- or letting their kids think he was "ok"

I think the Media  (and fans) should be ashamed of the coverage and adulation they are giving to him on his death.  

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