We go along in life, holding fast to those things that support our belief system, rarely questioning what we are told that way.  As a result, whether left-wing or right-wing, we become robots.  If you challenge or question those hard-wired belief systems, people will come up with some cockamamie comment to tell you why you are wrong.  Common among such cranks are the Bible-totters who do not question anything in that heavily changed and manipulated book through the years.  And the FOX News loyalists who actually believe what they see and hear there as truth.  Or the Constitutional freaks who have no idea what is meant in the Bill of Rights or individual rights and equality.  Some pins in their balloons...

The "Windy City" of Chicago is NOT called that because of the wind.  It is because of long speeches in the railroad city that held many conventions in the 19th century.  The Chicago Tribune dubbed it.

Our inefficient and ineffective healthcare system is the costliest in the industrialized world, yet we rank very low in outcomes.  Only the U.S. government can change the greedy profits of drug and insurance corporations, to say nothing of too many physicians who play the game for money.

Many hospitals, built on charitable donations from religious or service organizations, have been taken over by greedy entrepreneurs who are bleeding every last nickel out of them, and building hospitals even where there is no shortage.  The greed machine rules healthcare in America, and this is the only country where people go bankrupt because of medical bills, even with insurance.  The govt. is badly needed.  There is no logical way anyone can defend the healthcare system we now have in the U.S.

Of the thousands and thousands of physicians, hospitals, clinics, etc., some defenders of the system point to the Mayo Clinic or Boulder, Colorado as examples of low-cost healthcare.  Out of all those doctors, hospitals, and clinics, they can point to only a handful?  Atrocious.  Barbaric.

A recent study once again found that people who go to church regularly are more apt to support the use of torture by the government.  If you cannot see what this means, then I leave it to the enlightened.  We have plenty of acts of terror by "Christians" regularly in the U.S.  Again, if you have to have this pointed out to you, you are living in la-la land.

One of the slickest lies presented by these "believers" is that where the death penalty was instituted, those states had a drop in crime.  What is not told you is those states without the death penalty had a greater drop in the crime rate.  Summary: the crime rate has gone down in recent years, regardless of the death penalty, advocate gun laws, etc.  Distortions like this are lies, but people believe them.

Adam was the first man?  The name Adam is derived from earlier Semite language that meant "man" in the general sense.  It was a story to give a then-thought-to-be plausible explanation for the history of mankind.  Adam was not a name, it was originally meant as a symbol or representation.  Of course these early stories and myths were passed on in oral tradition, much like the mythology of aboriginal explanations and stories.  Many of the earliest Torah stories are also found elsewhere, including among tribes in the Arabian Peninsula.

Both JFK and Reagan were far more ill than reported during their last years in the White House.  Reagan, especially, was very ill and did not have control of his thought-process.  So, imagine who was in control.  There is a very hideous cast of characters in that administration who had major in-put when Reagan no longer held forth.  The trading of arms with Iran was, as low as the U.S. gets, to raise secret money for the Contras who were attacking an elected government in Nicaragua.   The Reagan and Bush years found a torrent of un-democratic endeavors by the American administration.  Sick.  Debasing.  Yet you believed.

No right-winger, Bible-thumper, or greedy capitalist is going to believe the above or will simply state the old delusions and lies and distortions.  But maybe, just maybe, it will cause them to dust off some brain cells and start thinking.

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