Only 6 Weeks Left to Screw Up Health Care

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Once again President  Barack Obama is urging the citizens of this country and the House of Representatives to act quickly. We must act now to fix another one of the worst crises in America. We must fix health care. Well, the health care system in this country is in need of reform but the problem is way too large to be fixed vaguely and as quickly as Obama wants us to do.

This crisis cannot even be blamed on George Bush. This of course causes a huge dilemma for the Democrats. The last Democratic administration set out to change the health care system as we know it and did not change it. It did not get changed because it was the wrong plan for the time. Obama's plan also is the wrong plan for this time.

If you listen to the details of the Obama plan (both of them), they are way too vague. His spokespeople for the administration continued to talk in circles reiterating and regurgitating four sentences. Congress acted quickly to pass a stimulus plan, and that is turning out to be a disaster. It is having no economic impact and he is running up the federal deficit faster than anyone would have believed only a few short years ago. It is nothing more than wasting government money pushing a liberal agenda. Taxpayers can ill afford that type of direction in a recession as bad as this. If the economy is to recover, it will be in spite of what is being done not as a result.

President Obama compared the health care system to the failure of General Motors. Well, it was his plan to take over General Motors and now he is declaring it a failure? The TARP program had so many strings attached to it that thinks cannot get out fast enough. Obama says he does not want to be in the automobile industry, he does not want to be in the banking industry, but we can see from his policies that he just wants control to tell the people in those industries what to do. This, we're not supposed to compare to communism?

Obama is also trying to set up a pay czar to oversee how companies compensate executives and high achievers. Yet he wants to tax the same group of people. The successful people in this country are supposed to be taxed to pay for the failures. Yet the government is making it easier to fail. There will be more bailouts and more government control. This has to be stopped now before we get to the point that things become your reversible.

Health care is next on deck. But we have to be careful of what is not being reported. Obama claims we can all keep our current doctors. We don't have to join the federal health-care program that will be created. But, he's looking for a way to tax all of this so that it does not add to the federal deficit. This only means one thing -- higher taxes. If you keep your doctor, you will pay higher taxes to supplement people who will not buy health insurance even when made available to them. Why would they? The government program is going to be so generous that it will reduce the incentive to have your own plans.

All this is supposed to be done by the end of summer when Congress goes in recess. Why the rush? Something this important should have time to be examined. Apparently Obama is worried that his political clout will have waned so much that after September you will not be able to put anything through Congress. His incompetence will be exposed. The opposition may gain too much clout. If the plan being rushed through Congress is going to be a good plan, we should remember that a good deal today will be a good deal tomorrow. Something this large that impacts everyone in the country should not be blindly pushed through Congress. The government never was able to be too trustworthy, so why is it now? Pushing through a half-baked plan may turn out to be a huge mistake. With all the mistakes we have made in the last six months, this is one we don't have to make so quickly.

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