Brown Deer Seniors Lose Members Due to Politicalization

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One would think that a senior citizen club would be people who like to get together and have a good time.  Well in Brown Deer, that may be part of what they do, but you have to fight through the political gauntlet in their leadership first.

For years I've known the Brown Deer Senior Citizen Club had become a political organization with a social element.  Many seniors have talked to me about how they've felt cornered at the club and told how they should vote because leadership at the club has had their own slant on the issues and the candidates.

That's unfortunate.

Seniors have many challenges besides health -- among them, a feeling of isolation.  The senior club could combat that.  It could connect many people with varying backgrounds who may find they have common interests.  Unfortunately one of the places they can go to spend time with other seniors has a strong and bitter pill that comes with it.

Part of the senior leadership team and one of their key political indoctrinators, Don Uebelacker, was just voted Citizen of the Year by others in the senior club -- that is the ones that haven't left already.   Uebelacker rose to power a few years ago after helping to found the pro-republican group, Citizens for Responsible Government (CRG).  When, just a few years ago, County Executive Scott Walker attempted to appoint Uebelacker to the County ethics committee, Uebelacker lied to Supervisors about his political activities.  After getting caught in the lie and being discredited, Supervisors, who review the Executive's nominees for confirmation, rebuked Uebelacker for his lie.

And this is the best that the senior club could come up with for Citizen of the Year?

Was there no one else who the seniors felt has earned the recognition?  Seriously, why would they recognize someone who has cornered other members to indoctrinate them and chase them away?  Have none of the seniors who voted for him noticed the dwindling numbers in the club over the years?

I don't know what the answer here is with the current leadership.  You have two members of CRG on the senior citizen executive committee.  If things follow their current path, I wouldn't be surprised to see the membership shrink further.

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