Watching President Barack Obama give a speech and respond to questions from the audience in Green Bay, Wisconsin was electrifying.  His comfort zone with the office is truly amazing.  He has wit, insight, intellect, background, stats, style, and relates to people from all walks of life.  And his humor is always present.  He is very special.  I  hope enough people give him a chance to right the ship of state before judging him.  He has inherited a horrible legacy from the past several presidents.  There was a steep nosedive haunting the office of President when he took office just a short while ago. 

Tackling all these delayed issues head-on takes guts, folks.  It would be easier to do what recent past presidents have done and simply pass the ever-growing problems on to the next president.  He has chosen not to do that.  We shall all have to make sacrifices if we are going to get out of this abyss in domestic and foreign policy matters.

As he offers his own plans in health care, economics, war, budgets, policy, etc., he always allows the door to be open a little and asks his opponents to come forward with a different plan that may be better.   All this change is a shock to the system in the U.S.  We have waited a long, long time for a man of this quality to fill the Office of President of the United States.

President Obama, as an American, I step forward in your support.  Let's all bring some badly-needed hope to the table.

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