WFB School Drug Search follow up

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As a follow up to last Friday's lock-down/drug dog search of the WFB Middle & High Schools .. I received some interesting feedback from someone wiser in law enforcement matters.

While no drugs were found, no arrests were made, a search like this is still successful for other reasons:

  • The search has an effect on students and parents who now know the community is serious about the drug issue.
  • Drug dealers may be induced to move their operations away from the school. While they still may sell elsewhere, any reduction in drug transactions at school is a win-win, as the casual or new drug user will not necessarily have easy access.

    Instead of getting drugs in the hallway, they now may need to travel elsewhere. It can be done, of course, but having to go off-site may tip the scales on middle schooler or underclassmen who are so inclined. We are talking about young teens here.
  • While the drug searches on Friday took a great amount of resources from not only the WFB PD, but a score of other officers from surrounding communities, one benefit to the various PDs, is they earned experience in locking down two schools simultaneously.

    (Heaven forbid that skill is necessary in the future, but training like this is actually very valuable.)
  • It was mentioned that only lockers were searched. It is possible, of course, to do random classroom searches, or of parked cars, but that takes more resources, dogs, and officers alike. The only trouble with that is .. both the Middle School and HS were searched simultaneously. I'm not sure the what the rationale was for the dual search. I do wonder if they could have searched more ground had they chosen just one school to search.

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