Pay as You Go Where?

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Six months after spending more money in that six months than other administrations have spent an entire term,(even adjusted for inflation,) President Barack Obama is now going to revert back to his campaign promise of pay-as-you-go. Extra in one area would be counterbalanced by cuts in other areas or by tax increases. Democrats are going to love that last part.

We have already reached the point where we are borrowing half of the federal budget. We have quadrupled the annual deficit. Democrats are not going to stop spending. They believe their over bloated bureaucracies are now paying for necessities of all Americans. It was easy to convince people that they should now be getting a handout for doing the exact same things they have done for years. Don't want to work? Here's money for staying home. Can't pay your mortgage? Here's money to reward you for not being able to budget. Got no skills or goals? Here's money for schooling. The list goes on...

Once people get in the groove of expecting these handouts, Republicans get demonized for trying to stop the waste. So no government budget will ever be cut. This leaves the only one alternative that anyone can think of. Raising taxes. Tax-and-spend liberal supporters believe they are only taking in a few extra pennies per year to pay for all of these programs. Well, this year alone working families will be asked to contribute $3000 more annually for governmental waste. Even Joe Biden recognizes this.

What are we supposed to do now? Double our taxes? The people who do pay and will pay was kicked in twice as much now so that people will pay no income tax can continue to live off the fat of the land. Economic analysts are forecasting that even once we are out of this recession, if we don't get taxed into prolonging it, the wealth and prosperity will not return. In short, America's best days are behind us.

This administration is building a huge central government that is going to control every aspect of or lives that we allow. With elections a year and a half away, there is still a lot of damage that can and will be done. Socialism, fascism, that's what we voted for, folks. There is no stopping it.

The government says it does not want to run the banks or the auto industry. But it tries to force the banks to take money so that they can control it through TARP. The Obama administration is trying to force the sale of Chrysler to an Italian company which was barely slowed down by the Supreme Court. Once again Obama wants everything shoved through Congress quickly and vaguely which will give license to further controls on the road once bureaucrats figure out what they can do or will do. What's going on in the administration and in Congress is being compared to 1930s Italy. Has there been a revolution in America? Has there been a communist revolution and no shots fired? If this direction continues, there will be casualties. 300 million of them.

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