State Democrats are Torturing Us

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Democrats generally think of themselves as being better than everybody else. This is because they blame all of their problems on the Bush administration and being anti-Bush than simply makes them better. In their opinions.

That attitude in some form has worked its way into the state assembly. Like Congress, they have a higher majority than they have had in years and although they campaigned on a promise of bipartisanship, compromise for them is only if Republicans surrender their ideas and ideals and begin to think like the Liberals. They spend money they haven't got, and raising taxes bring such glee to their lives they don't need an afterlife.

The state budget is an example of arrogance and ignorance on the part of state Democrats. As the recession drags on, they spend money like there's no tomorrow. As revenue falls, they have actually increased spending. This year, like two years ago, the state government has reached a crisis level. The deficit is higher than it's ever been. Again. Scott McCallum was criticized many years ago for using tobacco settlement money to plug the hole in the biennial budget. This was a short-term fix and did not plan for the future. Well, this year the state assembly is using one-time money from the federal stimulus package to plug a larger hole. With revenues falling, state spending is increasing by 7%.

This was agreed to after an all-night session where after about 16 hours of continuous bantering about what the budget should be, apparently the Democrats warn everyone down and reached a deal. Was this the result of sleep deprivation? Sleep deprivation! That is one of the techniques used by the Republicans to torture terrorists. I mean enhanced interrogation methods for enemy combatants. It's torture for some is good policymaking for others. How does that make sense?

This year because of the recession, many businesses are not giving out the annual raises to their employees. In a year with no inflation, this doesn't seem that bad. With high unemployment, many people are glad to be remaining in their jobs. However, the tax increases that the Democrats are trying to pass upon the citizens of this state are going to cost working families an average of $3000 more in taxes and fees. So even if you're not getting a raise, you have to shell out $3000 more in taxes and fees.

But the state's anti-business attitude, more jobs will be leaving the state. People with the means to reconsider their residency may also leave the state. Leaving the state will be the evil wealthy people with a higher taxes are being geared towards. This will also result in less revenue compared to current projections. Democrats think tax increases have no impact on people's decision to spend or where to reside. If Wisconsin ever reaches prosperity again, it will be despite what the legislature is doing to Wisconsin and its citizens. It's time that tax-and-spend liberals pull their heads out of their rear ends. It's unlikely because they are certainly enjoying the view.

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