America's Wrong Direction

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When President Obama says he does not want to run the automobile industry, you can count on that-to be a lie. When President Obama says he does not want to run General Motors, his actions speak to the contrary. He began by forcing out General Motors Chairman Richard Waggoner. He then ordered a restructuring of the company to include ending half its brands and laying off about 20,000 people in the meantime. General Motors will now be forced to manufacture small, cheap, unsafe cars that America does not want. However, the liberal agenda will force them on the marketplace giving us no other choice than to buy these small, cheap, unsafe cars. It will be a political victory similar to what happened in Germany in the 1930s. The Germans were all happy with the Volkswagen beetle.

Just days after the Obama administration's promoters were going out telling how well the stimulus package has worked in America by slowing down the job losses, they will now adjust their plans to give us more of the same. More of the same deficit spending. They will be moving up the scheduling of the shovel ready projects. The administration will be rebuilding America's airports while the industry goes out of business. Because of the high fuel prices, no one will be able to fly. The administration will be re-building America's roads. But we will not be able to buy cars. All roads will lead to nowhere.

Next on the schedule is to screw up the health-care system. Like all of Obama's plans, this one will also be shoved through Congress with such lightning speed that it will become law before we know how badly it is screwed up. He wants to have it done by August, because he is counting on Americans being so stupid that they will not be paying attention to what is going on in the US government all summer. That way the damage will be done. And once we have government health care, there will be no turning back.

If we wait too long, the citizens may come to their senses and realize that America is definitely on the wrong track. We got on the wrong track with such lightning speed it's hard to believe it was all done in less than six months. Once another crisis services, health care or may be shelved. The health-care system may need some fixing, but it does not need to be run by the government. Let's hope this can be stopped before it needs an even more expensive correction.

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