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Last Tuesday, June 2nd, Whitefish Bay (and Shorewood and Glendale) experienced a rash of vandalism incidents.

In Whitefish Bay, 11 vehicles had a window smashed, including the back window of my car, causing a whopping $3,500 in damage. It wasn't just a broken window, they poked a hole in the tailgate.

To be honest, my first thought was that the blog had pissed someone off, but after the police came to investigate, it was apparent that this was a random act by one or more juvenile delinquents who thought smashing windows, causing $10s of thousands of dollars in damage would be a whole lot of fun.

The officer who came to my house, explained that a rock had been thrown so hard through one window in a home, it penetrated the dry wall. Sounds like a sling-shot projectile.

The following WFB locations had a vehicle window shattered by a rock on Tuesday, 06/02/09:

4900 blk N. Woodruff St.
4700 block N. Newhall St.
5200 block N. Lydell Ave.
5100 block N. Marlborough Dr.
5000 block N. Lake Dr.
5400 block N. Kent.
4800 block N. Newhall St.
100 block E. Fairmount
4600 block N. Sheffield Ave.
1800 block E. Hampton Rd.
1500 E. Hampton Rd.

On the WFB PD Recent Crime page, they have the following clue:
- Dark blue import sedan (possibly a Honda Accord) mid 1990's body style. Young white male driver.

From Shorewood's website, they had 2 homes and 2 vehicles vandalized. Glendale's count is unknown.

So .. if you know anything, saw anything, know of kids playing with sling-shots, please contact the WFB police department.

I'd personally appreciate it.

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