Another Sham of a State Budget

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The joint finance committee of the Wisconsin state legislature should be voted out of office. The kinds of items that be placed in the next budget for this state can only be considered as stupid, idiotic, and other adjectives like these. When battling with the 6 1/2 billion dollar deficit, they chose to only increase the spending by about 6 1/2%. With revenue falling because of the recession, because of Jim Doyle's mishandling of the business climate in this state, and the desire to be ahead of the curve on socialization of the economy, we are going to be headed to an even worse situation in two years. Be prepared.

Now the question becomes: will the rest of the assembly have enough common sense, courageous, and backbone to correct it? I'm not optimistic. The state sales tax is now becoming the only tax not raised by the Doyle administration. Since 2003 everything else has gone up. With the economic climate what it is, one would think that the state legislature would be looking for ways to responsibly cut spending. But it hasn't.

The tax-and-spend liberals will only threatened cuts in the area of law enforcement, fire protection, and possibly street repair. The street repair is supposed to be funded by the transportation fund. This fund just about always has a surplus because of the high gas taxes, high registration fee, and the other things that go into this fund. So, by having a surplus, this is the first fund created to pay for things completely related to transportation and the transportation fund suffers also.

Why can't the state take a look at the waste and reports that are going on in this state? Wisconsin gladly hand out money to anybody and anything related to child care. Consequently, this is becomes the best source to build the state of millions upon millions of dollars. Instead of looking for ways to cut, the tax-and-spend liberals try to convince us that the best way to deal with this is tax increases. You earn the money, they will gladly spend it for you. It's time to chart a new course for this state. It's time to elect responsible legislators. It's time to elect a responsible government. It's time for a new governor to recognize that the business climate in this state is around us and needs to go in a better direction. The bad news is this will be a year and a half away and we will have a year and a half more of things that will need to be reversed.

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