Ament is NOT Exonerated

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There was a recent article after the lawsuit between Milwaukee County and Mercer placing a large majority of the responsibility of the recent pension scandal on Mercer. The article goes on to release Tom Ament and his other band of thieves of the responsibility of bankrupting the county because of the enriched retirement schemes they had agreed to. Well, I am not relieved. Tom Ament is not exonerated.

This team is going to continue to cost the county millions of dollars for the foreseeable future. Until the taxpayers are reimbursed in full by the lies told to us not only by Mercer, but by Ament, Ott, and Dobbert, there is no joy in Milwaukee. The fleecing of the taxpayer will continue.

The article even went on to say that Tom Ament could have a political comeback. I had not heard anything so foolish in quite some time. A come back? Claiming to be ignorant and uninformed is not a solid platform to stand on. But, then again he is a Democrat so he could get elected on that platform because he would blissfully endorse any tax and spend idea that comes along. Heck, he could even run for governor to succeed Jim Doyle and on a platform of being ignorant and uninformed, the citizens of this state would not notice the difference.

Milwaukee County still has a long way to go to recover from the financial ruin brought on by Ament and his clan. Bringing in new tax increases only excuses the mismanagement. Recovering some money is better than being completely ripped off as too many of the county board would've liked to have left things. The bad news is, the fiscal health of Milwaukee County will get worse if Scott Walker becomes the governor. Because whoever takes over as County executive will not have the backbone to hold the line on taxes as Walker has done. The state government will be better off, but that's another topic.

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