Wear glasses? Read this.

As I wrote a year ago, I had LASIK a year ago. Unfortunately, it left me at 20/30 without hope to get me to 20/20 with another surgery, so I continue to wear glasses most of the day.

Originally, the doc suggested I buy the cheapest lenses possible, since he figured my prescription would change. I complied, but even the cheapest lenses were $130.

For grins and chuckles, I looked on the internet to answer the age-old question: What's the lowest price for prescription glasses?

Now, the last time I bought frames, I got 'em from Optix on Downer, and paid an enormous sum of $450. Sure, that's on the high end. Most frames are in the $100-300 range. Cheap lenses (of which I just purchased) were $130.

So, what's the least amount you think you'd pay on the web? $100? $50?

Try $8. Yep, that's EIGHT. Dollars. Not just for frames. Frames and prescription lenses. -- For eight bucks at a website called Zennioptical.com.

So I figured, what the heck. I'll give it a try. Ordered some $8 glasses, with my prescription. $5 to ship it. $13 total. I figured if the glasses were no good, I was only out $13.

Heck, for $8 a pop, I should buy a ten pack. Have a different pair of glasses for each room of the house.

Three weeks later, my glasses arrived. And they are pretty good! The prescription is right, the quality of the frame is solid. I might not have picked out those particular frames, as they look a bit small on my head, but for $13, it was a steal.

I love them so much, I ordered 3 more pairs. Just got them today, two more pairs, plus some sunglasses. I like them, although I'm not sure I like one of the four. Who cares? It was only $8.

The site sells more expensive glasses .. you can splurge on the $10 and $13 models, too. Or go really crazy with their $36 glasses.

Want to tint them, for sunglasses? That's $5 extra. Anti-reflective coating? $5 bucks. Shipping is always a flat $5 for your entire order.

How they are making money on this, I know not. All I can say is that I bought 4 pairs of glasses for a grand total of $62.

I've handed my $8 glasses to a few people and played the "What would you pay" game, and the average answer people think they are worth is $200-300. They are solid, seemingly decent quality frames and optics. Go figure.

Caveat emptor: The glasses take 3 weeks to get to you. You will not receive any status updates on your order until a few days before you receive it. Their website isn't the most awesome.

Radio talk show guy Clark Howard has recommended Zenni on his show -- however, his fans have given mixed reviews, some who love Zenni, others not so much. I can only tell you that I've ordered four pairs, got them in 3 weeks, and like them.

Look, this place sells glasses for about $15 shipped right to you. I wouldn't recommend buying exotic prescriptions from Zenni .. but if you need some cheap yet decent glasses, or your kids are breaking the ones they have, that look no further.

Website: http://zennioptical.com

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